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Get to Know Our Members! Introducing Lin

Learning anything new can be scary and daunting, but it always helps to know people and let them tell you, in their own way, about their journey. This is the intention of our new “Get to Know Our Members” (GTKOM? 😅) series and we hope it brings kendo, and the other budo we at Hamachidori practice, closer to you!

From Lin:

Hajimemashite, minna-san! My name is Lin and I do tankendo!

What started from a "Free Trial Class" on an Instagram advertisement has led to me answering the following question: "What has been my ROI after purchasing my tankendo equipment?"

Tankendo is special because we have to purchase additional equipment and cuter shinai (a tankendo shinai is much smaller and more compact than a kendo shinai). However, the most fun bit about tankendo is sparring loudly with your opponent: I find it a great way to de-stress after a lousy day. Sparring in tankendo involves a lot of yelling or shouting, because tankendo practitioners are required to "kiai" (short and loud shouts uttered when performing an attacking move) as part of technique execution.

Like with all martial arts, safety and guidance is vital! We practice constantly to get our basics right, in order to not injure ourselves and our sparring partners. It's hard to describe tankendo in writing, just imagine this: Playing Street Fighter with a short sword, instead of boxing, with your target points at several vital places (the stomach, throat and head).

Come and join us at Hamachidori Dojo for a fun time! Especially if you like meeting new people and enjoying adventures with a bunch of serious martial arts enthusiasts and fun people, this is the dojo for you!

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